Architecture and Interiors

Glen Huon

Architecture is a multifaceted collaboration – between architect and client, house and land, material and mood. The alterations and additions project at Glen Huon are the embodiment of these dualities: driven by affordability and livability, the expansive extension is designed to accommodate entertaining and the client’s growing family.

Located on rural land with a mountainous landscape backdrop, Glen Huon is oriented towards views of the Huon River and distant mountain range, which includes the Judbury Conservation Area and Fletchers Hill Reserve. The addition – a simple rectangular form inspired by the shed – houses two bedrooms (including master) and ensuite, effectively doubling the amount of private rooms in the household.

All spaces were considered with functionality in mind: the corridor that connects to the living contains a new study, which in turn opens onto the new entertaining deck. The kitchen and living areas were retained, but altered and expanded in footprint to become open plan (a benefit of the bedroom wing addition).

Glen Huon is a conversation between form and function, a reminder that as our needs change, our homes can evolve to accommodate our tastes. Passionate foodies, the improved spaces and additions allowed a better use of space for the activities the clients enjoy.

Project start: 2016

Completion: 2019

Gross floor area: 80m2

Architect: Rosa Douramanis at Biotope Architecture and Interiors

Photographer: Peter Mathew


The new extension was designed to capture the views to the the Judbury Conservation area.