Architecture and Interiors

State Growth

Creating a work environment to promote productivity and connection is no mean feat – especially when the office space is large, plain and echoes with little outlook or natural light. The Green Fit-out for State Growth transforms an impersonal space into an inviting workplace for its occupants by leveraging the existing light provided by the adjacent laneway and bringing the outdoors in through a combination of timber and plant screens.

The timber screens are constructed from short timber lengths, finger-jointed together, to minimise waste. Working in tandem with custom-built vertical walls, housing a variety of indoor plants, the screens serve to improve air quality and separate areas without preventing the movement of airflow and natural light.

The new dedicated workspaces feature various breakout areas and meeting rooms, individual and shared storage areas and an upgraded kitchen area. Now, staff and visitors can engage, collaborate and unwind in a place that puts their wellbeing front and centre.

Project start: 2016

Completion: 2020

Gross floor area: 700m2

Client: State Growth - Transport Group

Architect: Rosa Douramanis at Biotope Architecture and Interiors

Photographer: Peter Mathew


The characteristics of Tasmanian native forests and natural settings incited the idea of an internal landscape akin to a forest. Material selection and colours were also derived from the natural environment.
The colour and texture of Tasmanian Oak was an integral component to the creation of a visually warm environment.