Architecture and Interiors

Bayfield Dental

Bayfield Dental

Most architectural projects involve negotiating strict constraints. A great example of this is Bayfield Dental. Expanding their practice from the Northern suburbs to the city of Hobart – on a budget and into a heritage building – prompted us to think laterally.

With a need for four new consulting rooms, a sterilisation space and office amenities, we took cues for the fit-out from the warm and rustic Heritage floor joists throughout the tenancy. It was important that the spaces were comfortable and non-clinical for patients, and also respected the existing heritage aesthetic.

We turned our gaze upwards – and organised the spaces with lowered partitions to showcase the heritage listed timber floor above. The rustic feel is further enhanced with Plywood lining on the waiting area walls and corridor space leading to the consulting rooms. Lastly, we incorporated double glazing above the plywood partition walls, detailed in a way that makes the glazing appear to float between the Heritage timber floor and dividing walls

Project start: 2013

Completion: 2018

Gross floor area: 24m2

Client: Bayfield Dental

Architect: Rosa Douramanis at Biotope Architecture and Interiors

Photographer: Peter Mathew


The existing heritage floor structure became a central design feature, and so it was important that it was able to be seen throughout the Fitout in order to honour the original fabrications of the space. This also encouraged the use of timber products for other elements of the design.