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The Lake House

The Lake House

Backed by eucalypts and reflected in an undisturbed lake, The Lake House is right at home in the wilds of Tasmania’s bush. Its truly bespoke and holistic design is inspired by the client’s passion for sustainability, evidenced in its materials, energy efficient technologies and integration into its locale.

Tapping into resources from its surroundings, the warmth of stones from a nearby quarry compliments natural and recycled timber to create a single-story house that’s in harmony with the land it sits upon.

In collaboration with the traditional farmhouse-architecture is a network of heat and energy systems. A geothermal heat pump with ground loop pipes in the lake supplies energy for the home’s hydronic heating system and 72 photovoltaic panels provide enough energy to release excess back into the grid.

The Lake House acts as the meeting point for sustainable practice and natural beauty, reminding us what’s possible when we work with, not against, the Earth.

Project start: 2015

Completion: 2019

Gross floor area: 390m2

Architect: Rosa Douramanis at Biotope Architecture and Interiors

Photographer: Peter Mathew


The views of Mt Wellington played an important role when deciding the position of the house upon the site.
During the design stage the footprint of the house was marked out to ensure that the views to Mt Wellington were captured appropriately within the internal spaces. It was also important to determine the siting of the house within the cleared area.
The timber trusses were inspired by reclaimed timber which was sourced from a Launceston warehouse in Tasmania.
The fabrication of the timber trusses utilising the reclaimed timber.
The fabricated steel concealed connection plate.
A full scale truss was constructed on site and used as a template for the prefabricated timber trusses.
The native eucalyptus trees on the site inspired the colour palette, featuring a combination of green and grey tones.